Volunteer Terms and Conditions 

As a registered volunteer for L.A. Works and for all volunteer related events and activities, by completing and submitting this form to L.A. Works, you understand and agree to the following:

  • By clicking “Sign Up,” I acknowledge that I am aware and understand that I am signing up for Activities that may be inherently dangerous and may expose me to a variety of foreseen and unforeseen hazards and risks including exposure to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”). The Activities may involve a degree of contact with clients who need assistance and other volunteers who may be carriers of COVID-19 and that personal protective equipment may not be available for my use and/or effective against preventing transmission of COVID-19 whether as a result of my own actions or otherwise.   
  • By clicking “Sign Up,” I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the Activities and have considered those risks. I hereby expressly and specifically assume such risks, including any and all risk of injury, illness, harm, or loss that I may incur as a result of my participation in the Activities. I hereby fully and forever release and discharge L.A. Works from, and expressly waive, any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, that may arise from my participation in the Activities.
  • By clicking “Sign Up,” I hereby irrevocably grant to L.A. Works my consent and full right to: use my name, photograph, likeness, image, and voice in any and all media, publications, advertising, and publicity, in connection with my participation hereunder, provided that (1) L.A. Works shall not indicate or imply that I approve or endorse facilities or services of L.A. Works and no such endorsement is to be shown, indicated or implied in any way in advertisements or signs by L.A. Works; (2) L.A. Works will not maintain separate lists of names and addresses of volunteers; and (3) L.A. Works shall not disclose, rent, sell, or commercially utilize or permit to be commercially utilized by them or any third party, firm or corporation or person, the names and addresses of  volunteers.
  • By clicking “Sign Up,” I acknowledge and agree that the nature of the Volunteer Services which are typically performed by L.A. Works' volunteers, and which may be performed by me as a volunteer on this day, may involve (a) physical activity (including without limitation work with heavy tools and materials), (b) contact with unidentified and unfamiliar persons, (c) travel to and from various unspecified locations, and (d) other potential risk of injury. Except for claims arising out of the negligence or willful misconduct of L.A. Works, I hereby waive all claims and suits against L.A. Works and indemnify and hold them harmless against any injury to my person or property as a result of my volunteer participation.